College Series // Wardrobe Essentials

College is right around the corner! I know as a freshman, I wasn’t really sure what clothes I would need to bring to school with me, so I ended up bringing (close to) my entire wardrobe. I ended up not even needing half of it, and there ended up being some things I didn’t have that I had to buy. This list will hopefully save some of you from having that issue! These are things that I consider college wardrobe essentials. Obviously everyone is different, so you may personally not need some of these things and there may be things not on this list that you consider essential. Enjoy!


Comfortable shoes for walking around campus

I think this is an essential for everyone. You may think those strappy, but uncomfortable, sandals or heeled ankle booties look cute for your classes with your outfit, but you’ll be hating yourself for that decision at the end of the day. College isn’t like high school… you have to walk all over campus now to get to classes, not just throughout one building! I suggest shoes such as Converse, running sneakers if you’re wearing an athletic-looking outfit, boots, etc. A comfortable pair of sandals is always great during the winter months, too!


Rainbow sandals

A rain jacket 

Just an umbrella sometimes isn’t enough. If it’s pouring and you have to walk all the way across campus when you’re in shorts and a t-shirt… you’re pretty much doomed. You can purchase one at pretty much any clothing store, or even a campus one from your bookstore!

This is my current one (I got it for much cheaper at an Adidas outlet)

VS PINK also has SUPER cute ones!

An umbrella

Sort of contradicting to the last one, but you can’t really just use a rain jacket without an umbrella! If you live off campus, always keep one in your car. If not, just keep it by your dorm room door or, if it’s small enough, inside your backpack! These are available at most stores and your campus store as well.


ESSENTIAL!!!! I didn’t wear leggings a ton before college, but now I wear them almost every day when the weather starts getting colder. They’re perfect with just a t-shirt, or you can dress them up with a cuter top! Bottom line is: they’re comfortable. My favorite ones are Lularoe, VS Pink, and Kohl’s.


VS Pink


These can be school t-shirts, plain colored v-necks, or just any t-shirt that you have laying around. They’re comfortable and perfect to wear to class!

Target tee

“Going out” clothes

Not everyone goes out in college, but if you’re planning to then you’re going to want to have some clothes for it! Crop tops, wedges, and circle skirts are some suggestions I have. Personally, I love shopping at Forever 21 for these. I don’t have any personal experience with this, but I’ve heard good things about SheIn, and they seem to be pretty affordable!

A couple of semi-formal/formal dresses

Specifically if you’re in a sorority or planning to join one! Again, Forever 21 is a great choice, and so is Tobi!


Rain boots, snow boots, riding boots… all are pretty great if you live somewhere that has a fall/winter season. I actually have a pair of rain boots from Five Below that I get compliments on every time I wear them! I also love my duck boots and riding boots.


Especially oversized ones. They’re comfortable for class, lounging around, and even going out in!


Crewneck sweatshirts

These can be one from your university or from your favorite store, but they are, once again, perfect for class or lounging around in!


A blazer

It’s good to have this for any interviews, speeches, or professional-type meetings you may have. I recommend Old Navy, New York & Company, and Kohl’s!

Dress pants

See above ^

Casual dresses

These are great for the warmer months, because they’re easy but cute for class and you can also wear them to go out in!


Personally I never go as far as wearing sweats to class, but you definitely could… especially if you’re sick! I just love to have these to lounge around in.


If you don’t bring any other dresses, I definitely think everyone should bring an LBD just in case.


A crossbody bag

They’re perfect for going out in! I use mine both for that and as an every day purse when I’m going somewhere during the day other than class.



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