2017 Beauty Trends

The other day, I was curious as to what professionals are saying the beauty trends are for the upcoming year. So, being a communication/journalism major, I looked up and read a ton of articles about it. It looks like some old trends will be making a come back and some 2016 trends that I was not a fan of will finally be going away. Based on my reading, here is what seems to be among the most popular predicted 2017 beauty trends!



Glossy lids


This is a trend that’s fairly new, and I’m not too sure how I feel about it yet. It will be interesting to see how people work it into their makeup looks! Professionals say that it’s comfortable to wear and looks flattering on anyone, which I could see being true. A tip is to start with trying this trend over bare lids to get comfortable with it, and then experiment more once you are!

80’s style bold & graphic (also applies to hair & nails)

Beautiful young girl with glowing colorful disco make-up and curly hairstyle

This is something that I am super excited for. I’ve always been a huge fan of that 80’s style bold and colorful makeup, and often wish that I lived during that time just because of how fun the makeup and fashion was. I’m looks forward to seeing some more fun looks for everyday, rather than just for special occasions! Some ways that professionals are seeing this trend coming forth are:

  • Nails: mixing black with vibrant colors; chrome continuing to be a popular manicure; glow-in-the-dark becoming popular during spring/summer festival seasons
  • Hair: side ponytails
  • MAC Spice Lip Pencil
  • Bright blush high up on the cheekbone (a.k.a. draping)

A tip to keeping the bold & graphic makeup better for everyday wear and not costume-looking is to keep the rest of your makeup, such as foundation, light and other products creamy.

lots of color


This kind of goes along with the 80’s-vibe, but fun pops of color will be huge this year. This is more about a fun pop of color on the eyes and lips, with little-to-no other makeup on the face. This will also bring a new trend of fall palettes being popular during the spring-time. This is a very daring trend and it will be fun to see it play out!

natural brows


This is one of the 2016 trends that I’m excited to see go away. Having a drawn on, bold brow can be nice sometimes, but it was just a trend that I did not care for. This year, it’s going to be popular to have a clean & sharp shaped eyebrow that isn’t as heavy handed.

party beauty


Bold lashes, lots of glitter, hair gems & fun accessories… need I say more?! 2017 is going to be all about having fun with your makeup and embracing it.


Deep side parts


Deep side parts are going to be way more popular than middle, or slight side parts, in 2017. They are very authoritative and look like you mean business!



Bangs are something I’m always iffy about, but they will be making a huge comeback this year. They can be very versatile and no matter what your face shape is, you can find a bang cut to suit it!

straight & sleek


Clean, straightened hair with a straight part is going to be super in this year! Hairstylists will be going through hair gel like there’s no tomorrow to give your hair a mirror-level shine. Also, the half-wet, half-dry look will continue to get more popular (think Kim Kardashian at the 2016 VMAs).

bright & blonde


Especially going into the spring, platinum and very blonde hair will be popular for the spring into the summer. There will also be more strawberry blonde and caramel blonde! Blondes have more fun, right?

blunt cuts


Time to grow out your layers and get your hair to all one length! This will be extremely popular with bangs, bobs and lobs.

tight braids


Super tight and precise braids are making a comeback. The trick to getting them clean? Rub a styling a cream or gel/pomade hybrid between your hands before braiding.