8 Beauty Gurus on YouTube to Check Out in 2017

I’ve been a part of the YouTube beauty community since late middle school/early high school. I’m 21 years old now, so that’s about 8 years!! It’s crazy how much it has evolved and changed in both good and bad ways. I still absolutely love it, though. I’m constantly watching videos from my favorite beauty YouTubers.

Some that I watched in high school are still my favorites! A lot of their channels have changed though, and they no longer make beauty videos. That’s perfectly okay and they are still some of my favorites, but I obviously didn’t include them in this list because this is strictly about beauty gurus! I also have many more favorites than just this, but if I included all of them then this list would go on forever (I’m subscribed to so many people!)

Here are 8 beauty gurus that I think everyone that is a fan of makeup should check out this year. Like I said, I have a lot more favorites than just the people on this list, but these are just some that I’ve really been loving lately! Their subscriber count ranges from 200 to 3 million. Enjoy!


1. Tati

Subscribers: 2.46 million

My favorite recent videos: BRAND NEW DRUGSTORE MAKEUP | HAUL, REAL 24K GOLD MASK … WTF | First Impressions, BEST PRODUCTS of 2016 | Tati

I know she is an extremely popular beauty guru and has been for a long time, but surprisingly, I didn’t start watching her videos until very recently. I wish I had a lot sooner! She gives honest and in-depth reviews about both beauty products that are very popular, and some that many people may have never heard of. She also lets her subscribers into her life! (She recently got married and we’ve gotten to see that whole journey). I’ve spent a lot of the past couple weeks watching all of her old videos, and if you (for some reason) haven’t heard of her, or just haven’t checked out her channel yet, definitely go do so now!

2. Jaclyn Hill

Subscribers: 3.85 million

My favorite recent videos: BEST OF BEAUTY 2016 | Jaclyn Hill, Gold Metallic Eyes & Dark Lips | Jaclyn Hill, How To: Easy Smokey cat Eye | Jaclyn Hill

She is another very popular beauty guru, but I’ve been watching her videos for a little longer now. She is another one that is always very honest in her reviews, and her tutorials are always perfect. She even has a makeup collaboration with Becca Cosmetics! Check out Champagne Pop, I promise you won’t be sorry.

3. TotalMakeupJunkie101

Subscribers: 128.7 thousand

My favorite recent videos: NEW Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette ♥ Review & DUPES!, NEW Wet ‘n Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks ♥ Review & Lip Swatches!, TARTE Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette ❄ Review & Swatches!

I have been watching TotalMakeupJunkie101, a.k.a. Eshani’s, videos for a very long time, and I genuinely cannot believe that she doesn’t have more subscribers. A lot of times I will see her reviewing products before major gurus are, and she always goes very in-depth with them. She has such a fun personality, too!

4. Casey Holmes

Subscribers: 1.3 million

My recent favorite videos: NEW Drugstore Sponges & CUSHION Contour! Demo & Review | Casey Holmes, L’OREAL Infallible TOTAL COVERAGE 24 HR Foundation Review & Wear Test | Casey Holmes, FULL COVERAGE New Years Eve GLAM! | Casey Holmes

Vlog channel: CaseyHolmesVlogs91

I’ve been watching Casey’s videos for a long time too, and they’re so good! She does have a lot of subscribers, but I think she deserves more. She has the best first impression videos! I love her vlogs on her vlog channel, too.

5. Megan Leigh

Subscribers: 939.8 thousand (get her to a million!!)

My recent favorite videos: NEW Wet N’ Wild Face Products | GRWM Demo & Review, Thanksgiving Makeup Look | Warm Copper Smokey Eyes, TARTEIST PRO PALETTES + HOLIDAY COLLECTION UNBOXING!

Vlog channel: LaVitaDiMeg

I LOVE Megan’s videos so much!! She doesn’t upload as frequently as she used to, but I think that every one of her videos is still amazing. I’m obsessed with her vlog channel too, and love when she gets in a kick of uploading those almost every day! I think she gets way too much hate, and she’s amazing.

6. Ashley Rockwell

Subscribers: 276

My recent favorite videos: MAKEUP ARTIST HORROR STORIES | Ashley Rockwell, HOW TO BEAT DULL WINTER SKIN | Ashley Rockwell, MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS OF 2016 | Ashley Rockwell

I actually used to make videos on YouTube for a short time, and Ashley had a channel at that time too. We had a similar subscriber count, and met through watching each other’s videos! She recently started up a channel again, so it’s still in it’s early stages but I think everyone should check her out and I think that her channel will become huge! She’s a licensed makeup artist and has worked at Ulta and Sephora, and now has her own business as a makeup artist. She is so talented and her videos are professional but also fun to watch! They’re very informative.

7. Kendall Alfred

Subscribers: 111 thousand

My recent favorite videos: Maybelline Dream CUSHION Foundation – First Impression & Review, Too Faced SWEET PEACH GLOW PALETTE – Review, Swatches & Demo, LA GIRL PRO COVERAGE ILLUMINATING FOUNDATION – Review & Demo!

I first stumbled upon Kendall’s channel when I found her most popular video on her Kylie Cosmetics KyMajesty review. She got some hate for that one, but I think it was a great video and showed how honest she really is! Personally, I would much rather see a video like that than a sponsored video where you don’t know if someone is telling the truth or just looking for money. All of her other videos are amazing and she does such a great job at reviewing and giving tutorials!

8. Olivia Jade

Subscribers: 675 thousand

My recent favorite videos: BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS OF 2016 | Olivia Jade, WINTER GET UNREADY WITH ME 2016 | Olivia Jade, SUBTLE ROSE GOLD GLITTER GLAM | Olivia Jade

Olivia is another YouTuber that I only recently found and started watching, but I’m so glad that I found her channel! She is young, so even though she already has a pretty large following, I think her channel is going to grow so much and will become big! Like Tati’s, I’ve been watching a lot of her videos lately and I just really love her personality, and her fashion videos in addition to her beauty ones! A fun added bonus: her mom is Lori Loughlin from Full/Fuller House and her dad is Mossimo Giannulli!


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