The Bachelor 2018: Week 6 Recap + My Thoughts

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We’re about halfway through Arie’s season of The Bachelor, and things are starting to intensify. The Bachelor team seems to always say each season is the most dramatic one yet — but I personally don’t feel a ton of drama with this one. Krystal was really the only one causing drama in the house, but after this week, that won’t be an issue anymore. It does make me wonder what drama will stir up next week, though…

This week’s episode is set in the City of Love — Paris! I feel like this was very fitting, because a lot of the relationships really progressed in this episode.

The girls were aboard a U by Uniworld ship. Definite product placement, but what show doesn’t have that? In case you’re curious, U by Uniworld defines themselves as “innovating the travel industry with U, a fresh approach to cruising for 21-45 year olds.” I was curious, so I figured some of you might be too!

The episode started off with Tia and Seinne giving small blurbs, and I had two thoughts. One, I LOVE Tia’s accent. And two, the way Seinne speaks so gracefully! I’m hoping that one of these women end up being the next Bachelorette.

So, this episode has 10 women left vying for Arie’s heart. Honestly I can’t believe the number is that low already — this season is flying by!

Arie speaks with Chris Harrison, and basically says that this journey is hard because he’s having amazing dates and he’s shocked to find himself falling in love with more than one woman. Wow, I have never heard that before in Bachelor history!

Right off the bat, Krystal is being super fake. Typical. If she doesn’t go home this episode, I honestly didn’t know if I could keep watching the season.

We find out that there will be 4 dates this week — two one-on-one’s, a group date, and one two-on-one date. I LOVE two-on-one’s, and anyone who reads spoilers (guilty) is excited for this one.

A great quote from Krystal: “I’m such the obvious choice for the two-on-one.” YES HONEY, BECAUSE YOU’LL BE THE ONE GOING HOME!

Kendall, on the other hand, is nervous because she feels like her relationship isn’t progressing as quickly as the others. Hey, at least you’re not Jenna — I can’t even remember who she is and she’s still somehow here.

First One-on-One Date: Lauren B.

the bachelor recap


The first one-on-one date goes to Lauren B., and they leave on a gondola. The other girls seem very jealous — who wouldn’t be?!

Arie tells Lauren he was saving this date for her, which is super sweet. He goes on to say that he’s super attracted to Lauren, that she’s beautiful, but he doesn’t know much about her. Arie, don’t forget that looks don’t mean everything…

The date gets a very slow start: there are a lot of awkward silences, and Arie seems to try and get the conversation flowing, but Lauren isn’t saying much.

Honestly, I saw a lot of myself in Lauren from this date. She seems to be shy and quiet, and doesn’t open up very easily. I’m sure a lot of people viewed her as stuck-up, but I can personally relate to how she was feeling!

Arie says that if there is no connection by the end of the night, he’s going to have to say goodbye to her.

Thankfully, they get to open up in conversation during dinner. She opens up a bit and explains that she feels a lot of pressure. She said that with every serious relationship she’s been in, she has friend zoned the guy for at least 6 months because she has trust issuesThat might make this Bachelor journey kind of difficult, because friend zoning a guy won’t get you a proposal…

Arie then goes on to open up a little bit about himself. He tells her that in his most serious relationship, the woman had 2 kids and ended up pregnant with his child. While he was away, she called him telling him that she lost the baby and that she wouldn’t be there when he got back. Tbh, that story made me kind of skeptical: what if she lied and he has a baby somewhere out there?! I’m sure there’s more to the story, and he knows that she was telling the truth, but it just makes you wonder.

Lauren then reiterated her trust issues, saying that although her parents have been married for over 30 years, they’ve always had issues, and it messed with her. She has also been engaged before, and he didn’t treat her well.

Arie basically ended up saying that Lauren worries too much, and gave her a rose. She said she feels like she could fall in love with him!

Group Date

This week’s group date goes to six women: Becca K., Seinne, Bekah M., Tia, Chelsea, and Jenna.

P.S.: Chelsea’s outfit is super cute, in a blue jumper. I’ll insert a picture if I can find one somewhere!

The end up at the Moulin Rouge for the date, where they learn a routine from the choreographer. Seinne has apparently danced her entire life, so this is going to be super easy for her.

I notice right away that although Bekah M. doesn’t dance perfectly, she’s super confident! Love that about her.

Tia isn’t really loving it — she pretty much says she’s not a good dancer and she’s not very sexy… basically that she’s f***ing horrible. Um, same girl.

They then find out that they are going to get to come see the show tonight, and whoever gets the group date rose before then will get to go on stage and dance with Arie. Basically, hey we’re letting you see the show for free, but you have to watch your boyfriend dance with another one of his girlfriends on stage. K.

Arie tells the girls that the rose won’t be determined by their dances, but on their connections. I love that — it shows he’s serious about the connections!

Chelsea is starting to become insecure about her relationship — she notes that all of the girls there have very different personalities, so it’s hard to know what it is that Arie’s looking for. I mean, she’s not wrong. At all.

Bekah starts off the private conversations with Arie. I honestly love them together. They have great conversation, have fun together, and have insane chemistry. I could already tell that she was going to get the group date rose! I wish they didn’t have the big age gap, because I already know it’s going to cause them to not stay together, but they really are a great match.

The rose does end up going to Bekah M. — we don’t really see a ton of private conversations with the other girls, so who knows how they went.

Chelsea again gets insecure seeing Bekah and Arie on stage, saying that seeing them together makes her feel insecure about her relationship with him. Again, she’s not wrong.

Two-On-One Date: Kendall and Krystal

the bachelor recap


the bachelor recap


Yep, Krystal is on this two-on-one. THANK GOD.

Krystal, of course, is going into the date VERY confidently, saying that Kendall is extremely nervous and that she (Krystal) is wife material — “FUN wife material.” OK, Krystal.

The date is at a chateau built in the 1600s, where they start off by doing a maze to see who can find Arie first. Kind of weird tbh, but okay.

Arie is basically saying that this is Krystal’s second chance. He also says that he’s worried about Kendall because she’s never been in love.

Arie and Krystal talk first, and of course focus on what happened last week. Arie basically tells her that she needs to talk to him if something is wrong, and Krystal is basically just dancing around anything that he’s saying. As soon as they make up, Krystal decides to attack Kendall and tell Arie that Kendall isn’t emotionally ready for love and marriage. Krystal: karma is a b****.

Arie then talks to Kendall, and tells her what Krystal says. Tip for Arie: you probably shouldn’t tell one of your girlfriends that another one was talking about her, but you do you. Kendall is very classy about it, and goes on to say that she doesn’t think there’s one time that you’re ready, it’s the person you’re with. YES.

Kendall goes on to confront Krystal, but in an extremely kind way. Props to her, because Krystal did not deserve that kindness.

Arie realizes that he isn’t ready to decide between the two women, and says he’ll see them both for dinner.

At dinner, before Arie arrives, Krystal tells Kendall that her advice felt patronizing. Kendall tells Krystal that she has trouble connecting with people, and Krystal insists that she doesn’t. Ooooookayyyyy… 

In the end, Arie keeps Kendall around and sends Krystal home. Praise.

One-on-One: Jacqueline

the bachelor recap


Jacqueline finally gets a one-on-one date!

Arie drives up in a convertible, but the car breaks down shortly after they leave. Thankfully, this gives them the chance to act like a normal couple who doesn’t get handed a convertible to cruise around Paris in.

They have a good day shopping and talking to each other.

At the dinner, they open up a ton, and Jacqueline is super vulnerable. She tells Arie that she worries that she’s an experiment for him, rather than someone he’s actually interested in.

She’s also worried about the fact that she plans to get her PhD — which will take 6 years.

His fear is them not lasting together, but she just wants to be with him right now. She isn’t ready to say goodbye.

He ends up giving her the rose. Personally, I think she’s going to go home before the hometown dates. I don’t know whose decision it will be, but I do not think they will last if she’s in school for 6 years. I think he needs someone who can be emotionally and physically available for him regularly.

There is no cocktail party, and they go right into the rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony

The rose ceremony is pretty quick, and I still can’t believe there’s so few women left already.

The women who get roses (and don’t already have them from their dates) are: Tia, Seinne, and Becca K.

This means that Chelsea and Jenna go home.

I’m not surprised about Jenna at all, because again, I can’t even remember any personal moments between her and Arie this season.

Chelsea seems to be extremely surprised that she goes home, even though she said multiple times throughout the episode that she was insecure about their relationship. I do hope she finds love and happiness though, because she truly seems like a genuine person!

The episode ends with us getting a glimpse of Lauren speaking with who I assume is a producer or someone on the crew. She seems super pissed and unhappy to be there, and is saying that she feels a lot for Arie. I’m curious to see how that plays out!

The next episode is in Tuscany.

Final Thoughts

I am so happy that Krystal went home. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been this happy to see someone go home on The Bachelor.

Assuming they don’t win Arie’s heart, I really want Bibiana, Tia, or Seinne to be the next Bachelorette. Tia is my #1 pick. I honestly don’t think any of them will end up with him, so here’s to hoping one of them gets the Bachelorette.

I’d love Bekah M. to win, but I think she’s going to go home next week.

How do you feel about the episode and the season so far? Who are your picks?

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