Why ABH’s Subculture Palette Deserved Better

Anastasia Beverly Hills: a makeup brand that every beauty lover has come to know and love.

So, when the brand released a brand new eyeshadow palette after their much coveted Modern Renaissance palette… the bar was set very high, to say the least.

I think that this is the reason the Subculture palette received so much dislike and backlash.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand people who were upset with it because they got a bad batch. If you got a palette that was extremely powdery and unblendable, then of course you have every reason to be upset and unhappy with the palette.

However, I think that people saw the many videos and posts with negativity about the palette, and either bought it with a preconceived idea that they would hate it, or just hated the palette without even buying it because of the reviews.

I was one of the fortunate ones to get a palette that was from a good batch, and it is honestly one of my favorite palettes!

Here are some pictures of it, as well as a look I did (sorry, I have an Android and the selfie quality is terrible. Here’s to hoping I can go back to team iPhone soon!)

Quick look I did
Swatches: top row
Swatches: bottom row
Inside of palette
Outside of palette

Honestly, I love it just as much as my Modern Renaissance palette. While I’ll always reach for the MR palette more often, simply because the colors suit me better for every day, I absolutely love the formula and blendability of this palette just as much! I also think the colors/shades are gorgeous and very unique.

This palette is well worth the money!